10 Amazing DOS Games to Rid Yourself of Boredom

Remember the days when a computer would require a floppy to boot? There was hardly any on-board storage in computers in those days. You wanted to save anything then you had to save it on your floppy drive or else forget it. Those were the days when DOS based games were top of the gaming heap and we would spend hours playing those Pac-Man type games. Gone are those days but somehow the love for good old DOS based games is still around. That’s why the playable Pac-Man Google Doodle became ultra famous. DOS games will continue to a place of their own in our highly technical lives. This list will introduce you to some of the famous DOS-based games that you can still enjoy during your free time. You won’t get bored. Trust me!

NOTE: You will require an emulator to run a DOS based game. Read the “Before You Begin” section carefully before you start downloading DOS based games.


DOS games won’t run with just a double-click even when they are executable (.EXE) files. The best way to run a DOS based game is to download an emulator as they are designed especially for this purpose. DOSBox is by far the best emulator for Windows machines. Once you have downloaded DOSBox and it is running on your machine then you will have to mount your game directory on which you have the executable game files. Follow the below steps:

* Type the following in your DOSBox window: mount C C:games. This will tell DOSBox that you want to use the games directory as the source to run all your DOS based games.
* Now CD (change directory) to C: drive – cd C:
* Place all the executable DOS game files in the games directory and now hit the DIR command.
* You will notice that from C: drive itself the DIR command gives you the list of executable files that are actually placed in games directory. Just type the name of the file like turbo.exe and hit enter to start your DOS game.
* You can create multiple directories inside this directory to categorize your games.
* Have fun!

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Mac users can use Boxer as the emulator to run DOS based game while DOSEMU  is the emulator for Linux users. Now that we know how to execute a DOS based game, here is the much awaited showcase of DOS games.

The good old prince is back to save his princess. Although we have the latest versions of this game already available, playing the same in a DOS console will always bring back old memories. You get three lives for each game which is actually a tad better than the real world where we get one life to save our girl!

Ahhh! Doom is here to bring back your killer instincts. You haven’t yet grown old and this game will help you revive your old self. Also, this time you have many weapons in hand to help increase your comfort level against the enemy.

You got an iPad? Now you can play your favorite puzzle games while seated at the back of your classroom. Have fun and make sure to avoid your teacher’s attention. To be precise, this is a bundle of six puzzle games namely Scary Nightmare, Part Time Job, Cubby Hole Trouble, Marbles, Detention Tic Tac Toe, and Blitz Tac Toe.

Does this bring back some memories? Well, it surely will if you have lived in the days of DOS games. Pac-Man is here to revive old experiences and take you back to those good old days of DOS games. This version is your own Pac-Man with an all new female star with the original hero making occasional appearances.

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Another DOS based puzzle game with pretty decent graphics and sound. The game is more like the retro Boulder Dash that most of us might have played. It is a freeware with a couple of cheats to make life easier.

If you don’t know what Mario is then you better stop reading this article. You aren’t a computer kid if you haven’t played Mario on your laptop and I mean it. I have spent months playing Mario and I know the love for this game. Those who always loved Mario and want to bring back those memories must download this game ASAP. Let me know about your experiences with Mario (and his girlfriend) in the comments below.

Raise your hand if you have ever been able to arrange this 3DCube puzzle in order without any help whatsoever. I did it once after years of patience and I am proud of that! And, if you haven’t done so yet, then here is the DOS version of 3DCube to keep you busy. Give yourself a chocolate if you can arrange this back in order within a day. Let me know how long it took you in the comments at the end of the article.

Wasn’t Donkey Kong a famous protagonist in most of the DOS games back then? DOS game designers had a thing for monkeys I guess. Anyways, here is your chance to live the Donkey Kong days all over again. Kong wants to save his girlfriend and you can help him do that. Don’t let the Kong down, please!

Though Bat ‘n Ball is based on an old concept, hitting a bouncing ball, it has been optimized so as to keep your interest levels high. Here, you get to save a castle against a bouncing ball which will break your castle one after the other if you miss to hit the ball back. The bouncing ball will help your reflexes and probably improve them too.

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It is tough to get 3D based games in the DOS games family but somehow there are a few for us to enjoy. Alone in the Dark is a 3D adventure game with plenty of action to keep you busy. In this game you get to play a character that will investigate a suicide in an old Louisiana mansion. Be quick and don’t take years to solve the case like it happens in our real life judicial system.

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