10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start a Blog.

There are many many reasons to start a blog, and that all depends on what you as the owner want to achieve with that blog. For some its pleasure for others its to make a profit. To establish what that aim is you might want to consider asking yourself the following 10 questions, before you start.

Why Blog At All

1. What is the overall aim of your blog?
Is it to build a brand, to gain exposure for a small business or even just for fun and not for profit. It is the worst kept online secret that blogs can easily build brand awareness or expose the market to your branding message. However, some people build a blog site to share ideas or to appeal to specific sectors of society.

2. Is it to establish you as an expert in your chosen field?
A blog site is a cheap effective way to position your business and be recognized by others as an expert in your field or niche. As soon as you start blogging you are making your own opinions heard to a worldwide audience. It can extend your exposure to new potential customers and build your credibility. The downside is that it can also identify you weakness in that area too. So choose with care.

3. Is it for internal consumption by your companies staff and employees?
You can engage with or connect to your employees and staff during this highly competitive electronic age in the corporate world, where your long term success could be derived from the fortunes of your workforce. One of the most common reasons for employee disaffection is because they feel devalued to their management, blogging to your workforce can help you to connect with them and them with you. Its all about being social, even at work.

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4. Do you need to increase your e-commerce by driving sales via increasing your website traffic?
If you need traffic to your site to expand your online sales and gain popularity, the traffic you must draw in should be from your target audience, that’s quality.

5. Have you decided on the topic of your blog?
It’s not easy to create the appropriate topic so put effort and time to decide on what topic to blog about; one that you won’t drive you to boredom and that you have some knowledge that’s worth sharing. Create a lean topic with quality articles that help people coming to your blog site find what they need, in order to draw in more traffic.

6. What will be your blogs name; what will be your domain name?
A blog name must necessarily be easy to remember like the title of a great movie and on message with the theme of your main subject, such as this blog which is called “How to blog with wordpress, and funnily enough is all about “Blogging with WordPress”

7. Which blogging platform will you choose?
Popular blogging platforms offer different kinds of services. WordPress is the most popular and most often used publishing platform used by millions of people all over the world. It is easy to create complex web blog which offers administrative tools and state-of-the-art design features. It allows easy set up of your blogs (personal or professional) on your website. There are other popular FREE blogging platforms like Blogspot, Movable Type, Live Journal and MySpace. However these are not “self hosted” and generally they can become subject to heavy censure by the platform owners.

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8. Will you be writing for your blog?
Well that may sound an odd statement, but not every blog is written by the owner. If the answer is Yes, then the style of writing will be generally light and informal, but it’s important (more than you know) to maintain good grammar and sentence structure if you want to create a credible following. Yet at the same time you want to have fun.

9. Do you know the keywords that you are trying to Rank for that will improve your overall exposure and visitor numbers over time. ?
The words people use to find what they need through search engines are very important to a blog. Writing regularly using relevant keywords in your articles or posts can help boost search engine rankings. Thereby increasing your blogs “position” relative to your competition. The more popular the blog the higher up the rankings you will go. The overall goal is always to be heading for page 1 of Google.

10. Are you ready, willing and able to devote enough time and resources to post AT LEAST 3 times a week on a regular basis. ?
To get a good following on the web, your blog should be consistently and frequently maintained at least in the beginning, especially those running a blog site to promote or expand a business. This will help build your brand and show your skill and expertise. But don’t expect your blog site to be an overnight sensation. It takes time to build traffic and popularity.

The aim is to blog for the longer term, to create informative posts with relevant quality content with current resources and topic’s that are interesting TODAY. Its vital to maintain your knowledge in your business current, and if possible even advanced. Be a leader not a follower. By asking yourself these questions you will have identified your core rational that will only underpin the reasons that you believe a blog is right for you or your business.

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