10 Step Guide To Stop Losing Business To Your Competitors

Are you tired of losing business to your competition? Is your website just an expensive marketing piece sitting out there on the internet that is not bringing in new traffic and new business opportunities for you?

Well- get out your pen and a piece of paper. It is time to stop losing business and time to get your website profitable! Here is a list of what you need to do in order to drive a huge amount of business to your website- regardless of the product or service you offer:

1. Set up a blog. Insure your blog is keyword enhanced- that is that in the name of your blog it offers what might be your biggest keywords searched in search engines to find your product or service.
2. Write five articles about your product or service or industry- do not make them sound like an ad- focus on information for the reader.
3. Post an article a day to your blog.
4. Post the same articles on article ezines across the internet. Make sure where it says the author that you include your URL link to your website.
5. Go to Squidoo and create a lens. Post the same articles and links to your website on your new squidoo lens.
6. Create 5 videos that are 3-4 minutes in duration and post them on YouTube and other video sites. Also, add your URL (website address) to the author portion.
7. Create numerous social networking site pages (myspace, facebook, etc.) Post the above articles on your blog and begin networking with people who are possible “friends”.
8. Continue writing an article 4-5 times per week. Distribute to your blog, ezines, and to your social networking sites.
9. Prepare 3 videos that are 3-4 minutes in length and post as above.
10. Repeat each week.

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You will see significant traffic develop and create ongoing “free billboards” and a huge number of backlinks to your website. This will help with creating search engine interest and higher organic rankings in search engines.

Now- if you want to automate this process- learn how to take the same articles you have written, the same videos you have produced- and get them literally out to hundreds of locations on the internet with the touch of a button- that is very inexpensive. And learn how to use the right blog form and how to link it to other high traffic blogs.

Good luck in overcoming the inertia and finally taking the steps you need to take to get your website noticed and profitable! (If you do not do this- your competitors will- and you will lose out on a significant opportunity for more business!) Take action now and seize the opportunity! The difference between those that succeed- and those that fail- is successful people take action and implement! Do you want to be a success? Take action now!

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