A New Business Is About To Be Launched

For the last few months I was letting everyone know that I had a site coming out dedicated to helping people online. This was a site that was going to be anywhere from $29 to $49 a month and delivering content so that anyone could start to make money online.

I was going to have content from people like Matt Bacak, Jeff Paul, Armand Morin, Mike Filsaime etc.

Well…I am going to do that, however I have come up with a BIG shift. Here it is…

I am going to turn this content, the diamonds in the rough from these expert marketers and turn it into a business opportunity. This way YOU can make money by selling the system. It is going to have the flavor of 1 Step System, Easy Daily Cash and a little of Predator/Jaguar mixed in. Bryon Howell and I are partnering to make this dream become a reality.

Here are the highlights…
1. Content from the best of the best online and offline marketers.
2. Training on how to use this to make money
3. Monthly updates and additional content to give value each and every month.
4. Free software for you to use and help you market.
5. Web video to teach you how to do the things we are talking about.
6. Customer service number to get questions answered…unlike 1 Step System
7. 2 Levels so that you can make money with little effort
8. Seminar conference calls to get your prospects to.
9. A “1up” program, not a crappy “2 up” like 1 Step and Easy Daily Cash
10. A whole lot more!

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Right now Bryon Howell and I are talking about a $397 and $797 entry point. We will call the first entry point “Basic” and the second level “Elite”. The differences will be in the content delivered. This way you can market to people that are on a tight budget, and you can market to people that have a bigger budget. The one thing we realized is that $1000 was the point where people have a tougher time getting involved. We want to market to the masses. There will be a $29.95 monthly hosting for the website that you will receive. And if any of you have seen my websites, which I am sure you have…it will be quality. Not like some of the stuff out there.

You may be asking yourself…why are you telling me this? Well, I need feedback. What would you like to see in this system? If you were going to start a business opportunity site, what would you like to have in it? Would you like a 1 up or 2 up? What would the price points be? You are going to help us build this!

Now you are saying…”What’s in it for me”?Well, when we lauch…for a limited time, you are going to be able to join for a tremendous discount. A thank you for giving me your input.

Stay tuned…I am guessing we are looking at an April launch.

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