Today we look at god-destroying Babel Rising 3D by Ubisoft, Com2uS’ sling-shotting Swing Shot, and Nibble Jump, a physics platformer featuring a rabbit. Ubisoft has released iOS Games Babel Rising 3D, the sequel to the original game for iOS. As the Tower of Babel rises higher and higher, an angry and defiant god strikes back, attacking priests who shield workers from his spells, sacred urn porters who slow down his powers, siege towers helping humans access higher levels, and cargo ships bringing stones to the yard (ever notice that these angry, violent gods are guys? hmmm). You get to control the elements, each with their own special effects, and purchase stuff with Babel currency that you gain through gameplay or in-app purchase. You can download Babel Rising 3D from the iTunes App Store as a universal app for $2.99.

iOS Games Babel Rising 3D


Com2uS has released Swing Shot, an opportunity for you to throw things at cute animals and make them suffer. No, really, watch the trailer if you don’t believe us. Try playing as one of 6 different animals with unique skills to knock various enemies. Animals out of their tree with sling-shotting physics throughout 48 stages in 4 different worlds. For instance, download Swing Shot for free, but an in-app purchase for $2.99 will get you the full game. Which includes 1000 in-game coins and 200 bananas to fuel your upgrades.

iOS Games Babel Rising 3D

Nibble Jump is a new physics-based platform game for iOS. The game challenges you to feed your cute jumping rabbit by picking fruits and vegetables scattered here and there. Numerous obstacles and traps like breakable floors or spikes jeopardize the safety of the bunny and can make the gameplay exciting. There are 40 levels to complete, unlocking new achievements and worlds in the process. You can download the game for a mere $0.99 as a universal app.

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