Iron Knights Hack Cheats Unlimited Gems Gold Medals Horns

Iron Knights Hack Cheats Unlimited Gems Gold Medals Horns

After few days of hard working, we created Iron Knights Hack which allow you to generate unlimited Gems, Medals, Gold and Horns, that you can use to help further progress yourself within the game. Our friendly interface makes this tool easy to use for anyone to get the resources they need, and be back to playing in only a matter of minutes. Our dedicated group of skilled programmers have done an amazing job to maintain this hack completely safe to use, so you will never get banned. Iron Knights Hack is compatible with any Android or iOS device. Don’t waste your precious time and enjoy Iron Knights with our cheat tool to have an enjoyable experience.

Iron Knights is a action RPG where you fighting through hordes of enemies and heavy bosses to reach to the Dark King himself. The story is divided into multiple “Acts’. Each Act employs several levels as you battle your way to advance. A level, normally has three or more sections. You need to clear the opponent mobs for some sections and fight a boss combat on the last one. Each level has its own classification criteria. Based on how you are able to perform these set of criteria, you will gain a corresponding quantity of stars for clearing the level (1-star for weak performance and 3-stars being the biggest rating) and a suitable reward item.

Iron Knights Hack Cheats

Character Description

The difference from Iron Knights and other games similar to it though, is that you only have one character class type to control and play, but exist also other types of heroes that may be added to the party as troops that help you in fight, and you can add up to four troops total of over 200 various fellows. If you’re finding stuff to be a little too hard for your liking, just equip an disposable unit to your party and they’ll aid you lay waste. The game has a decent tutorial for players to get accustomed to the controls and the characteristics within as well, certainly make makes things easy to become acquainted with. Players should enjoy the tale that goes along with the game which in fact seems to be quite in depth, which is rare for this kind of game on mobile devices.

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Iron Knights Hack Game Elements 

Iron Knights has a decent mix of game elements to retain its players engaged. You’ll discover that even the regular attacks look graceful, and they put out certain crazy damage at higher levels. You can test your abilities as a player in the Monster Battle Mode or you can play aside to the storyline and make the other real players recognize your strength in the PVP mode called Battle of Heroes and start your ultimate attacks against your rivals from around the world. When you begin a stage, you can choose to bring a friend with you. At any moment during the round, you can summon that friend’s character to come fight alongside you. They just stick approximately for 15 seconds though, and you may only summon them only once per stage.

Energy timers that limit the quantity of times you can go slay stuff before you take a break are also a bummer. A maximum of 10 points can be gathered with a adequate wait time of 8 minutes by energy point. Every advance you wish to perform in the map needs two energy points in order to get action to battle. Gems are the premium currency in the game and will generally enables you skip through the restricting factors of the game. You could spend gems added with Iron Knights Hack to buy energy potions, to temporary experience-boosting elixirs, exchange for gold, and to acquire strong weapons and equipment.


1. Download Iron Knights Hack Tool from this page

2. Plug-in your iOS/Android device to PC using USB cable, bluetooth or Wi-Fi

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3. Start Iron Knights game on your tablet/smartphone

4. Open Iron Knights Hack on your PC

5. Select your platform (Android or iOS) and click “Detect Device”

6. Insert the amounts of Gems, Gold, Medals and Horns which you want to add and click “Save”

7. Press “Start Hack” and wait some time to hack Iron Knights until the progress bar ends

8. Done! You have hacked Iron Knights! Now restart the game and enjoy!

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