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Jewelry Art Design Aesthetic Characteristics!

Jewelry art design gets rapid development, shows colorful, modeling disparate style, and pandora charms sale efforts in the world of profusion for natural, simple, and pure media, Piao guzheng and expression to achieve a permanent position beautiful art. Jewelry art designers will be personal emotional changes into its works, this undoubtedly pulled the artists and the jewelry wearer distance and makes crystal material qualitative beauty, craft beautiful and artistic beauty can high harmony.

From the art of speaking, the beauty of art is aesthetic features of modern art jewelry “soul” it is a comprehensive beauty. Is an artist in aesthetic target, aesthetic ideals and aesthetic practical requirements under the guidance of the space, jewelry modeling, color is tie-in, material combination, making, and functional use spirit connotation and other factors, the height of the aesthetic rule on unified, its aesthetic center are — “spiritual beauty”. Cultural intension and the spiritual realm are distinguished from other categories of artistic jewelry symbol.


Measure the value of art jewelry. Not by metal and the weight of the stone, but its internal art taste and unique artistic modeling and expresses the new concepts of value and from this point, art jewelry, even can speak from its traditional meaning, but as independent, used to appreciate art.

Jewelry art design aesthetic characteristicsThis kind of artistic beauty comes from a real beauty, but higher than the real beauty, its purpose is not to convince, but to infection. Crystal jewelry just what was needed based on traditional inherited jade, original culture character crystal art jewelry. While the traditional, classical elements, in our eyes, maybe the plant grain appearance; Character’s image; Also can be bright type furniture washes practice, fluent, simple line; Ancient dwellings ChuangYou geometric grid modeling; Even the tang dynasty the adornment gimmick outstanding architectural structure, to fully understand these can reference “classical”, at the same time, our brains and modern digital concept, with the gimmick with dialectical careless grain and nano geometric forms combination, or will circle the DaWuDing modeling in crystals embedded headdress, it can yet be regarded as a kind of modern decoration.

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From the design of speaking, the jewelry art design is different from commercial jewelry design. The former in thinking highly centralized, sublimation and combining with a mark or into the symbolic significance of jewelry; The latter in profit for the pandora bracelet wholesale purpose to cater to the consumer market development and design of jewelry.

Crystal art jewelry design in China at present is most common in sculpture jewelry, designers of ancient pattern, through the inheritance and culture with auspicious implies, do a lot of the work, common have to “bat in eye ChengXiang” money “and” dragon carved and other topics of the pendants, quit face, hands futzing with crystal ornaments, but as these mostly chose to have internal “package content” or use “Qiao color” and design of jewelry. For fully pure crystal, especially the most unique yellow crystal with purple, often use will crystal fashioned into the various geometrical graph, carving so crystal “gloss” and “brilliance” more resplendent, match with K gold inlaid made into jewelry.

Commercial jewelry design most often uses this form, but which still has the existence of art jewelry, designers will follow according to the present dazzling golden idiosyncratic designed to “crystal sun” “harvest” “autumn” as the theme of the work. An internal parcel of content or are fully pure crystal Mosaic jewelry design in the most commonly used is learning from other jewelry art design and a second reformation. Or use “overlock” “seeds buckle” making simple jewelry, the aim is to set off the “grace” crystal internal, currently, the development of art crystal jewelry, both in terms of modern concept can show the modeling, again outstanding jewelry traditional styles design is currently the most artistic value design.

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From their perspective, jewelry audience of jewelry often prefers “classic” and “traditional”, for example, can be in modeling the abstract extremely brief jewelry with classical designs surface texture, manufacturing and do adornment that blends in the atmosphere, or the original rock crystal piano Zhuo the diamond-studded rare red sapphirine, etc, create, and feelings and visual gap.

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