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We got to meet some of those nice blokes from Eidos. The man himself Ian Livingstone during the Edinburgh Interactive Festival. On screening of Just Cause 2, we got to find out some rather interesting information that not many people will know just yet.

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 Initiatives

First, off the demo we were presented with is the same. It was the question and answers session that provided some snippets of information. This makes us drooling for more, map size, zones, the weather system, and the ‘Black Market’ were all discussed.

To get a few things out the way first for those that don’t know Just Cause 2 was a highly successful game from Eidos. Players took on the role of Rico Rodriguez – an undercover CIA operative specializing in regime change. The game was not without its flaws. Hardcore fans that loved the game tried to see through these and get the most from the game whilst. Then the others tried to slate the game as too bland with the same side missions repeating over and over.

Just Cause 2 aims to set the bar higher than the original title and during the presentation, we were shown the size of the in-game map and it is massive, huge even. Looking at just one section we were told that it was as big as GTA IV making the whole game map 12 times the size of the GTA game.

Some Cases On Just Cause 2

Within all this, the game map was split into regions including tropical, desert, and arctic and then further split up into residential, industrial, and resort areas within each respective zone. We can also let you know that the game will also feature a full weather system and gamers will see storms brewing and clouds gathering before the rain starts which will help add to the realism level in-game. This enormous sandbox area will be enough to keep any gamer busy for around 90 hours of gameplay we were told, however those that want to follow the story through in one sitting will be completing the game in 12-15 hours.

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Just Cause 2

Whilst the game map is massive. We must also stress that the game is also taking on the vertical aspect and looking at the video. In the below, you will see it starts with a base jump. With significant height and players will be able to climb to some lofty destinations on the map. We also believe that one of the in-game achievements will be for finding the highest point.

Just Cause 2 – Black Market

Fans of Just Cause will know it’s an all-action title and won’t be disappointed with this incarnation. In fact, if you liked the first game you going to think this is awesome. And by blowing them up then you would say it is quite effective. What if we said you can use the hook to tether any in-game object to anything you desire. Just think about it, homemade wrecking balls as you tether a jeep to a helicopter. Use the hook to jump from vehicle to vehicle whilst in combat. Then even tether your pursuers vehicle to the road. And watch it flip over, the use of the hook is endless.

The other important addition to the gameplay is the use of the ‘Black Market’. Also, buy new weapons but it can also be used to get yourself around that. Either large map a whole lot quicker by calling in a helicopter to get you to your next objective. With over 50 missions, countless weapons, and collectible items across a massive sprawling map. Just Cause 2 should be a game that is on everybody’s watch list for 2010.

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Just Cause 2

And for those that haven’t seen the E3 demo here, it is……

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