PSP Minis Review

The promise of bitesize, accessible titles within the PSP Minis review is no more apparent than in British developer Honeyslug’s addition, Kahoots.

Full of sumptuous charm, the title has been described as being a fusion of both Zoo Keeper and Lemmings with what I consider a splash of Little Big Planet through its use of a multitude of materials. You are tasked with guiding small creatures called Kahoots towards an exit door and whilst you can’t directly control their movement, you’ll have to instead swap adjacent blocks with tools such as bounce pads, trap doors, cannons or reverse pads to help guide them towards their goal.

PSP Minis Review: Level Wrapping

In a more challenging move, the use of level wrapping means that the blocks can only be interchanged with those next to them, and at times you will encounter bolted blocks that will prevent the movement of other blocks past them. Further to this spikes and enemies, named Card borg, will provide dangerous obstacles for you to overcome.

PSP Minis Review

There are 50 stages included within the game, each becoming more difficult as you’d expect and within the levels you will also find bonus slices of cake that provide a tempting second objective and add another level replay ability to the title.

The unique and varied art style has all been crafted by the developers themselves and is worth enormous credit. With a strict rule that everything in the game would be either scanned, photographed or hand-drawn, this led to the team using an assortment of buttons, beads and fabrics alongside sweets, chocolates and plasticine, it provides the title with a fantastic aesthetic that inevitably makes it stand out from the crowd.

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Highlight of PSP Minis Review

Finally, one of the games greatest highlights is the charismatic ‘Pegbeast.’ Having been designed using a knitted juggling ball, a peg for his mouth and a button for his eye, he appears within the title before each level as a tutorial character. Here, he sings helpful gameplay elements alongside hints and tips that’ll aid you within the next level. At £2.49, Kahoots easily becomes an inexcusable bargain amidst the new range of PSP Minis review. With a host of fantastic ideas, it’ll easily provide hours of enjoyment within its simplicity of approach and addictive nature.

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