Can you please help us?

  • Would you like to FINALLY get to decide how your tax dollars are spent?

    Ive always said that I wouldnt mind shelling out money every paycheck (AND at the end of the year!) to Uncle Sam, if only I had a say in how the government spends my money. Then we’d truly have a government run by the people, for the people!

    Well, if you make a tax-deductible donation before the end of 2012 to Zoe’s Friends Animal Rescue, in effect, you ARE choosing how your tax dollars get spent.

    When you donate to a charitable organization, youre allowed to take that donation as a deduction off your income taxes. Its not exactly a dollar-for-dollar exchange, but if you know youre going to owe some income taxes, its a great way to offset that. Personally, Id much rather give money to Zoe’s Friends Animal Rescue than to the government!

    In order for this to affect your 2012 tax return, you HAVE to donate before the end of the year. This helps us as well with our year-end fundraising, which is the time of year we rely on for most of our donations.

    So think about it: your hard-earned money could buy food, supplies, medical costs and toys for homeless dogs and cats.or $360 government pizzas. Its up to you!


    Zoe’s Friends Animal Rescue started on a shoestring budget… actually money earned from a garage sale at Zoe’s house last Summer! We need your help to rescue more doggies and save them from euthanasia!

    If you can help us save the world, one dog at a time, please donate to our cause. Remember, it’s TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Please send donations to:

    Zoe’s Friends Animal Rescue

    1772-J E.Avenida De Los Arboles #193

    Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

    Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated!!! No amount is too small! Also, if you have any gift cards to Pet Stores or Gasoline gift cards you can donate, you will be helping a great cause and helping to make a doggy smile!

    Below is our Nonprofit IRS Determination Letter qualifying us as a 501(c)(3).

    Do you have a special talent? Can you help us promote Zoe’s Friends Animal Rescue? Are you a computer whiz who can help us maintain our website, etc.? Do you have contacts in our community? Can you help us with advertising? Are you a Veterinarian who can help us?  Are you a Dog Food Representative who can donate food for our foster dogs? We need volunteers to help us and we are anxious to exchange links with those who can donate their time and talents! Please contact me with any ideas you may have!!!

    THANK YOU! 🙂