Why does niching feel so damn hard? 3 common myths.

Okay, I’ve really got to get this out. When it comes to promoting your business it’s important not to look like everyone else. Why? Because it makes it incredibly difficut for new clients to choose you. I’m not talking about the colours of branding, or the design of your logo. I’m talking about the essence of your business, that makes people want what you’ve got.

If you were on my teleseminar call this morning with Kama Frankling of http://www.thehappymigrant.com  and Jen Forster of www.goalpower.com.au   you’ll have heard how they created powerful niche positions within their areas of expertise. If you were on the call, you’ll clearly have a picture of just how powerful niching can be!

Here are some of the most common myths around niching, and my belief on the subject. I would love to hear you comments on this issue! Please add them below.

Myth 1: If a narrow down my niche I’ won’t get as many clients

When you discover your niche, and promote what you do specifically to that group, your marketing becomes easy! Instead of trying to grab your share of the pie and compete with many others (yes, no niche means more competiton), you can speak directly to your audience with what’s in it for them, and they will see you as a better choice. That means more clients for you!

Myth 2: I’m not doing anything special, and don’t feel comfortable being the expert!

Okay, I don’t mean to offend, but it’s not about you, it’s about the people you can help. And you know what? Your journey, your experience and your learnings can make a huge impact in the lives of others. All we ask is that you be your authentic self, share your what you do with those who need you, and act on that inner calling to make a difference. Oh, and it’s okay to ask for a fee for that. Money is the form of exchange that is used in our society. You give value, you get paid.

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Myth 3: It’s too difficult to narrow things down to a specific area.

I understand. What you do can probably help loads of people. Tell me, are you feeling overwhelm around your marketing at the moment? Is it because you don’t know what to say to have the greatest impact or where to promote yourself to get results, and are you finding it extremely difficult to articulate what you are doing succinctly? That feeling of overwhelm often comes from not know exactly who you are talking too. Try this exercise. Pick one group of people, and imagine you are talking to that group alone. In your minds eye tell them the benefits specifically to their group. How does that feel?

I would love to hear how you found your niche, and if you are finding it a challenge and why. Let us help brainstorm some solutions – you’d be amazed at what we can come up with! Post your comments, challenges and feedback below…..

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