Open Netscape. Click on the word Communicator and choose Messenger to get to the e-mail program.

Now in Messenger, Click on the New Message button.

A new “Composition” e-mail window opens ready for you to write it, address it and send it on it’s way. But there is something we should do BEFORE we address it or even write it. First we should attach any files that we want to send along with the e-mail. I don’t know how many times I have written the e-mail and sent it on its way with intentions to attach a file, but forgetting to.

Click the button with the paper clip on it that says Attach.
Notice in the next picture (Figure 3), I have another section highlighted in red – the two little tabs on the left side. The one on the top has an icon that looks like a card file and the one below it looks like a paper clip. To quickly access the attachment dialog box (Figure 6 and 7), click the paper clip tab and click into the blank space to the right.

If you chose to click on the big Attach button you have to go through this next step (Figure 4). Messenger wants to know whether you will be sending a file or a web page. In most cases you will be sending files, so choose the “File” option.

Now comes the tough part for most novices. They see this next dialog box (Figure 5) and their brains turn into pudding. They ask themselves : “Where in the world is that Word document I wrote on my computer?” I will give you a tip – All Microsoft Office documents usually go into a folder called My Documents.

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First click on the down arrow (highlighted in red). Select the “My Documents” folder. If you do not see one listed, First click on the “C” drive, which will open and reveal other files and folders. You should then see a “My Documents” folder.

Once you have selected the “My Documents” folder it reveals all the files inside it. In this example I have chosen to attach the Excel file called “finance”. Clicking once on “finance” will place the name of the file in the box next to “File name:”. Click the Open button to attach the file.

The Attach file dialog box disappears and you now see the tabs on the left I talked about earlier (Figure 8). The paper clip tab is on top and shows the selected file for the attachment. To get back to the address list and see the name of the person you will be sending it to, click on the card file icon tab, and then click the big Address button just above.

Now you are ready to type the body of the e-mail message. Just click below in the blank space and type your message. And finally you can send your message successfully, knowing you have attached the file, since you did that first!


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