Hi! My name is Zoe (previously named Yolanda at the Animal Shelter and a.k.a. Yoli by a wonderful rescue group and Holy Cannoli Yoli” by my Mom!

There was a time when I had four legs, you know.  I had a terrifying accident and ended up in a shelter injured, frightened and lonely.  Then, one day, an Angel walked in and rescued me from my tiny cage and my desperation.  She took me to doctors (Dr.Daniel Slaton was my main man) and after multiple surgeries, a rear leg amputation and my remaining rear leg being fused straight, I became a new doggie!

I was fostered by a wonderful, loving couple, Susan and Larry, and nursed back to health. They took me to the Thousand Oaks Dog Park where I had lots of fun and made many new friends.

Then, one very special day, my Mom came to the park and saw me.  She reached down to pet me and we gazed into each others eyes… it was magic!  Fate had brought us together and she knew that she couldn’t live without me in her life!

Now, I live in my “Forever Home” with my adoptive family including my unfurry Mom and Dad (Cindy and George), my unfurry big brother,Adam, my unfurry big sister, Amanda and my unfurry Grandpa. I also have a big (and I mean BIG) furry feline sister, Holly whom I absolutely adore!

My Mom loved me so much that she decided to add two more rescue doggies to my “pack”.  I have two little furry sisters, Tess and Emma Lou.  We have so much fun playing together and even though they both have four legs each, I win most games!


Zoe’s Friends Animal Rescue

was conceived by my Mom and me.  We wanted to help save other small doggies and find them forever homes where they could feel safe and loved like me and my little sisters.  If we can save any doggie lives and find them loving homes we will have achieved our goal. 

We formed a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization so that we can serve the public and bring happiness to many doggies and families! We will need your help and support to make Zoe’s Friends Animal Rescue a success! We welcome any comments or questions you may have.  We would also love to add your photos to Zoe’s Friends web page.  Come on… will you be my friend?

Please contact us at cindy@zoesfriendsanimalrescue.com

We would love to hear from you!!!